Sizing a PTO Shaft

Sizing a PTO Shaft

Whether purchasing a new implement with a PTO shaft or replacing an old one, most PTO shafts will need to be cut to suit the length between your tractor and the implement you are using it for. This is a simple process that we have outlined in the steps below.

1. Attach the implement to your tractors 3 point linkage without the PTO shaft attached.

2.  To determine the length you need your PTO shaft to be, you need to measure the distance between the groove on your tractors PTO output shaft and the implements PTO output shaft.

3.   Once you have your measurement we normally recommend an additional 75mm be taken from the PTO shaft as a buffer and to allow for ease of hookup. If you do not have a buffer you have the potential of not allowing any movement and breaking the universal joints on the PTO shaft or damaging the implement or tractor.

To help explain we have used the following example:

New PTO shaft length = 1000mm from end to end.

Distance between tractor output shaft and implement output shaft = 800mm

Additional buffer = 75mm

So to get our measurement we need to do the following:

PTO shaft length – Distance between tractor & implement + 75mm buffer.

1000mm – 800mm + 75mm = 275mm that needs to be removed from the PTO shaft.

4.  The easiest way to cut the PTO shaft to size is to pull it in half so you have the inner piece and the outer piece. There is no need to remove the plastic covers. In the example above we need to remove 275mm from the length, therefore we need to cut 275mm off both the plastic cover and 275mm off the steel tube on both the inner piece and the outer piece of the PTO shaft. Start by measuring the required amount on the plastic pto cover and mark with a texta then cut the excess off. Then measure the required amount from the steel tube and use a hacksaw or angle grinder to cut. Repeat for the other half of the PTO shaft.

5. You will need to ensure you remove any burrs from the cut ends of the PTO shaft to allow the PTO to slide properly. We also recommend applying some grease to both sides of the PTO before reassembling. Once you have reassembled your PTO shaft it is ready to be attached to your tractor and implement.

Note: The information provided above is to be used as a guide only. Dissy Machinery takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused to persons or equipment whilst measuring & cutting a PTO shaft.

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