Slashers vs Flail Mowers

Slashers vs Flail Mowers

Purchasing a slasher or flail mower for your property is a big decision and making the wrong decision could end up being costly.

This guide will give you the pros and cons of both slashers and flail mowers, helping you to make an informed decision on which one is right for you and your property.  There are many factors when deciding what type of equipment to purchase and it can become daunting with the options available.  This guide will answer 5 common questions when it comes to deciding between purchasing a slasher vs a flail mower.

1.  What size implement can I run with my tractor?

The most important part of selecting a slasher or flail mower is the size.  If you want a slasher or flail mower to connect to the three-point linkage on your tractor the implement you can run depends on the horse power of your tractor.

  • If you’re running a small tractor (25hp or under) you are limited to the size of the implement you can run.  Generally, a tractor of this size can run an implement with a maximum width of 4ft.
  • If you’re running a medium sized tractor (25-50hp) you can run an implement between 4-6ft.
  • If you’re running a large tractor (50-80hp) then you can run an implement up to 7ft.

(If you don’t have a tractor at all and want to run something behind an ATV or other vehicle then there is a range of smaller options that come with their own petrol powered engines available).

2.  What sort of finish do I want to achieve?

Slashers and flail mowers vary greatly in the finish they achieve.

A traditional slasher gives a rather rough finish and leaves a windrow.  A slasher is a quick option when it comes to cutting thick tall grass down to 2 inches in height.  It can cut through taller grass at a faster speed than a flail mower.

A flail mower will generally give you a nice even finish.  It is good for pasture topping and helps to encourage new growth.  A flail mower cuts and mulches the growth back into the ground therefor leaving a neater finish and it is less likely to leave a windrow.  A flail mower is a slower option than a slasher because of the above. 

3.   How much maintenance is required?

A slasher is low maintenance as all they have is a gear box and two blades.  The main maintenance on a slasher is checking the oil level in the gear box and the condition of the blades.  Slashers should be regularly checked to ensure nothing has entangled itself on the blades.

A flail mower requires more maintenance as they have a lot more moving parts including a gear box, belts (they are belt driven), and more blades and bearings.  Maintenance on a flail mower includes checking the oil levels, greasing bearings, inspecting/adjusting the drive belts and inspecting the blades for wear and damage. 

4.  What am I trying to cut, and how much area do I need to cover?

Slashers are mainly designed for cutting grass therefor are fantastic if you have large areas of grass that simply needs cutting down. 

Flail mowers are designed for cutting grass as well as small saplings and can even mulch small pruning’s (such as vineyard pruning’s) so they are much more versatile than a slasher.  If you need to clear land more than just slash grass then a flail mower is a better option as it is a general-purpose unit that will cover both general slashing and mulching needs.

5.  How much do I want to spend?

Budget can play a big part on your decision however you also need to make sure you are purchasing the correct implement for your application.

The most budget friendly option is a lighter duty slasher as they are more economical to buy and maintain.  However, there are limitations to what a slasher can do. 

Flail mowers are a more expensive option to purchase outright, however they are a much more versatile machine overall.  They do have higher maintenance costs due to the drive belts and blades, however if you damage a single blade on a flail mower you only need to replace that blade.

Check out our full range of slashers and flail mowers or give us a call on 1800 034 779 and talk to a specialist about which implement is right for you!

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